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TORONTO -- Canada has gone through more than a few soccer blueprints in the past with a mixed bag of results. Connor Brickley Jersey . Next week, the Canadian Soccer Association unveils its latest road map -- a strategic vision for 2014-2018. And while there have been recent successes on the soccer field, the failure of the national mens program remains a sore issue. Still CSA general secretary Peter Montopoli, who says the new plan "is for the long-term," sees positives on the Canadian soccer landscape. "I feel very good about the foundation that weve placed here over the last number of years for the CSA," he said in an interview. "So while a lot of people talk about the end result -- if we were to say that would be, lets say, the mens national team -- I think weve laid a solid foundation to move forward for the sport in our country." That includes restructuring the associations governance, the success of the national womens program, retaining womens coach John Herdman in the face of rival offers, success at the mens under-17 level and hiring a veteran respected coach in Benito Floro for the senior mens squad, among other healthy developments. As the official governing body for soccer in Canada, the CSA oversees everyone from kids kicking a ball around to top pros. But many judge the association on the performance of the mens national squad, seen as the flagship team -- and for many, the face of Canadian soccer around the world. The Canadian men are currently stuck on a bumpy road that stretches back to the 8-1 humiliation in Honduras in October 2012 that knocked them out of World Cup qualifying. Stephen Hart threw himself on his sword in the wake of that lopsided defeat, resigning as manager. His overseers continued at the helm. CSA president Victor Montagliani and Nick Bontis, board member and chair of the strategic committee, will join Montopoli on Jan. 23 in unveiling the new plan. Montopoli says there are many sides to soccer in Canada. "It should not be lost on people that were doing well in terms of where we are with a lot of other things," he said, pointing to player registration and the fact Canada ranks in the top five per cent of qualifying for FIFA competitions. Still, the Canadian men have not won since being knocked out of World Cup qualifying. A 2-0 loss to Slovenia on Nov. 19 in Celje stretched the Canadian mens winless streak to 14 games. Canada is 0-11-3 over the streak and hasnt scored in 10 games. The winless run has seen the Canadian men outscored 27-2. Canada has not won since a 3-0 World Cup qualifying victory over Cuba in Toronto four days before the Honduras debacle. In the national teams defence, Canada has played tough opposition in Australia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Slovenia and the U.S. And Floro has looked to young talent since taking over the squad last summer. The Canadian men were No. 111 in the world, prior to Thursdays new rankings. That put them 11th in CONCACAF, which covers North and Central America and the Caribbean. Canada was ranked 86th in January 2009 at the start of the last blueprint. Its highest position since was No. 53 in October 2009; the lowest was No. 114 (an all-time worst) in November 2013. But some may have forgotten that while Canada went unbeaten 15 games straight during Holger Osiecks 46-game tenure as coach -- a streak that including the 2000 Gold Cup win -- Canada was also shut out 16 times under the German. The CSA was hit and miss on the "major 2013 milestones" identified in its Strategic Plan 2009-2013. It succeeded on a medal by the senior women at a World Cup or Olympics (2010 Olympic bronze). And it came through on its goal of hosting the 2015 Womens World Cup. But it failed on World Cup qualification by the men, taking its annual budget past the $25-million mark and has yet to surpass one million registered players in Canada. In 2009, the association budget was $12 million or $13 million. It went on to top $20 million some years but did not make $25 million. The current association budget is around $20 million. As for player registration, the number has come close to 900,000. But the latest figures for 2013 are not yet in. The Canadian senior women are currently ranked seventh in the world as they prepare for the 2015 World Cup. Canada is also hosting the 2014 FIFA-20 Womens World Cup. Montopoli says the CSA is running "one of largest womens budgets worldwide" and looking after the mens youth programs. "Theres no shortcuts taken on the mens youth side or on the womens entire program." Montopoli said it was hard to compare mens and womens senior budgets given the different stages the teams face during the quadrennial cycle. Asked if the women were better bankrolled than the men, he replied: "In certain years the answer would be yes." While the CSA is "putting a lot of emphasis" on the women, it is not "shortchanging the mens senior or youth programs, Montopoli said. He pointed to the fact the men played 13 games during 2013, when in the past the senior program has but all been shuttered the year after a failed World Cup qualification. Reilly Smith Jersey . Fourteen players were suspended last summer by Major League Baseball as part of the Biogenesis drug scandal, ranging from All-Stars to also-rans. Michael Matheson Jersey . However, after review it became clear Kadri kicked the puck in.It sounds simple because it is but every year, every team in football has two goals. The first is to make the playoffs. The second is to win the championship. You cant become champions if you arent in the tournament, which is the only reason there are two goals and not just one. There are now two teams that are no longer in the running to achieve either one of those goals. The Ottawa Redblacks and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are on the outside looking in. The Redblacks may be an expansion team, but considering they had veteran Henry Burris at the helm, they underachieved. It wasnt all his fault, but they should have won more than two games at this point with a former champion behind centre. The Bombers surprised people early and have found their franchise player in Drew Willy, but when facing the top teams in the league, they quickly realized that they dont have the horses to be a true contender just yet. Both teams fell short of the two goals this year and that is going to hurt until they kick it off again next season but the Bombers and Redblacks did a lot of good things. Ottawa was close in all but a couple of games; they were not the leagues doormats despite their record. In Winnipeg, it appears the culture has been changed in a positive way. They may not have enough talent yet, but they arent far off. Proof of that is what happened this past week, where now every player will walk by the statue of the great Bud Grant every time they go to work, reminding them daily of the strong football tradition in Manitoba, which is part of that culture change. Both teams are young and building and should have bright futures. Having said that, football is a result-driven business, and these two teams did not get the results. When that happens, tough decisions must be made and players, coaches, and administrators must be held accountable. Over the next few months, both teams will do an autopsy on the season to determine the reason for the failures, and begin the process of improving. However, that process doesnt have to be put on hold until the end of the season. What about the last few games? How should these teams approach the final couple of games when they mean nothing in the standings? For both teams, the 2014 season is lost. However, what lies ahead over the next few weeks is a great opportunity. Michael OShea in Winnipeg, and Rick Campbell in Ottawa may be tempted to do the we are playing our best players to try and win speech. Like many coaches before them, they may say they want to finish on a good note, want to possibly upset a playoff team and take someone down with them, and play all their starters to try and send that type of message. However, to go the last few weeks of the season status quo would be a missed opportunity. Trying to win is a given. Playing a back-up to evaluate him doesnt mean youre not trying to win. It means you are trying to win while building the foundation for the future. Remember, the only thing that matters in pro sports are those two goals - making the playoffs and winning a championship - and if those goals are no longer attainable this year, then every minute from the day you are eliminated to the day you kick it off next season should be dedicated to achieving those goals next year. In Winnipeg, Drew Willy has proven he is the real deal. He is a natural leader, as tough as they come, and has all the tools in the tool box to be a star quarterback. Keith Yandle Jersey. Henry Burris in Ottawa still has gas left in the tank and can still get it done. He wants to play again next year, and given more help, can still lead a team to a championship. Both quarterbacks should go into the 2015 season as the teams franchise players, and both should be holding the clipboard for the final couple of games of this years regular season. Giving those last couple of games to Danny OBrien in Ottawa and Robert Marve in Winnipeg is not conceding defeat. In fact, it is displaying just how important achieving those two main goals really is to both head coaches. And not just starting them, but announcing it early in the week and letting them deal with the pressures of being a starter through the entire work week. Some may ask, what about a players personal goals and or contract incentives, shouldnt he be able to play for that reason? To answer a question with a question, does allowing a player to finish the season as a starter to obtain a financial incentive help you make the playoffs and win a championship the next year? The answer is no! Whether Burris and Willy have incentives or not, the answer is no! It may also be suggested that a starter like Drew Willy has earned the right to finish off the season. Some will say he has battled all year with his teammates, let him take the ball across the final goal-line. Again, will that help the Bombers get to the playoffs next year, and win a championship? Maybe Al Pacino can make that speech in a Hollywood movie, but the answer is no! OShea and Campbell have a headstart on the 2015 season on all the other teams in the league. Winnipeg and Ottawa have two more games to see what they have in the stable, and not just at the quarterback position. Training camps and the pre-season in the CFL are very short and dont give head coaches much time to evaluate talent. If a team has five quarterbacks in camp, including their incumbent, they only have eight quarters to see them play. If the Number 1 guy gets three quarters in pre-season games, that leaves four other quarterbacks on the roster to play in just five quarters. Not exactly a lot of time to show that you have the talent to make it at the next level. Winnipeg finishes the season with a game in Calgary, and Ottawa finishes with a home game vs Hamilton and one in Toronto. For the Argos and Ticats, those games are huge, and for a different reason, very important for the Redblacks and Bombers. Best case scenario for both OShea and Campbell is that they finish the season with wins, and OBrien and Marve light it up. Then heading into training camp in 2015, that will put that much more pressure on Willy and Burris, which is good pressure. Worst case scenario for both head coaches is they lose out, and both back-up QBs look like back-up QBs. Then heading into the off-season, both coaches have a much greater sense of urgency when searching for depth at quarterback. They wont get an opportunity like this again, and they dont want it again, because it means they have missed the playoffs again. But it is their reality now, and it is also an opportunity. Next year, the two goals will be the same; make the playoffs and win a championship. For Ottawa and Winnipeg, working to obtain those goals next year can start right now. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '